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Say goodbye to endless sibling conflicts, peer disputes, and the feeling that your child lacks essential self-regulation skills.
 It's time to empower your child to become their own problem solver.

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Dive into a world of learning with 23 vibrant cards featuring common challenges and solutions designed for children aged 2-6. This game isn't just about cards; it's a comprehensive package equipped with tailored scripts and strategies for parents. Discover an interactive experience that guides parents on how to play, adapting seamlessly to the child's age and developmental stage.

How to use at home or school: 

  1. Provide the "Power of Two" cards for children to explore using their pre-literacy skills.  In the classroom, the visuals can be included with your other reading materials. At home, you can make connections between the pictures and real-life scenarios. 

  2. Ask questions, and model language about what you notice in each picture.

  3. Allow children to practice matching with the visuals and language.

  4.  Use the cards for prompts in engaging in dramatic play.

  5. Role Play and Practice identifying a solution for every problem. 

  6.  Use the game as a structure for large group discussions in the classroom setting.

  7. Refer to The Power of Two Language in a range of settings to help children master their understanding.


Who is this game designed for?

 'The Power of Two' isn't just for teachers and parents; it's a valuable resource for school counselors, therapists, and early childhood specialists too.
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