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Being a Big Sibling is Special, But It Can Also Be Hard!
When You Feel Big Feelings, What Can You Do?

Little Siblings, Big Feelings is an interactive story for toddlers in growing families. Readers will discover the joys and challenges of having a sibling as they learn strategies like mindful breathing, role-playing, and scripts for handling big feelings. The book also features tips to help parents foster positive parent-child and peer relationships.  

As a parent of two children, I've been there...

After years of searching and never finding the right book to recommend to growing families, I decided it was time to write it. As an early childhood behavior specialist, I wanted to provide parents with some of the same tools I teach in my practice. 
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My kiddos
You have recently welcomed a new child into your home
You are navigating the complicated sibling dynamic
You have noticed a change in your older child's behavior
You are seeking actionable strategies
You are a parent of 2+ kids 

This Book is For You If...

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