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What Parents are Saying

Adding a 3rd child into our family was not as easy of a transition as I expected. A friend recommended I contact Maya to figure out how to make life more manageable for all of us. Maya offered our family extremely useful relational strategies that I felt were really specific to my spirited children. She also provided me with support and hope during a really challenging time. My husband and I joke when things are chaotic “What would Maya do??” It gives me comfort knowing I can always get back in touch when our kids experience new changes and challenges.

-- Family with three children under 6

Maya is so supportive and practical. I found comfort knowing that whatever behaviors I told her were going on in my house, she was not phased and didn’t make me feel like I was a bad parent. She has helped me understand the meanings behind behaviors and the importance of just “being with” my son when he has big feelings. I have seen so much change in the relationship I have with my son since working with Maya!

-- Family with an 8 year old

I always thought being a parent was something that I would just know how to do. Then my child turned 3…someone recommended I reach out to Maya to get some help. Her approach felt really eclectic and personal. I like that she recommends reading materials and had insight on community resources. After my husband saw that things were getting better, he agreed to meet with Maya too, that was a really big deal! Highly recommend!

-- Family with a 4 year old

I work in elementary education and know a lot about children and development. But, when it's your own children it is so different. I am thankful to have a non-judgmental sounding board.

-- Family with twins age 9

Maya has been an incredible resource for me in raising my almost-three year old daughter. Maya has helped me deal with so many challenging behaviors when I am at a loss. She is not judgmental and so easy to talk to. She is not only considerate of what I am experiencing in certain situations as the parent, but of what my daughter herself is experiencing. In situations that are completely frustrating as the parent, she helps me see things from my daughter's perspective, which in turn eases my frustration. Maya told me that we are all born with so many emotions and feelings, but none of the tools to cope with them. As parents, it is our job to give our children these tools. Maya's job is to give parents these tools, and she does a phenomenal job.

-- Family with a 3 year old & 1.5 year old

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