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Parenting Consultant and Founder of Anchored Parenting
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Parenting can be challenging. Most parents encounter situations where they could use help knowing how to proceed. Parent consultation targets specific parenting needs of preschool and elementary age children. Parents will learn to understand behaviors in the context of their family and will gain concrete interventions to apply in their home. The overarching goal is to strengthen parent-child relationships, improve behavioral concerns, and provide families with thoughtful approaches to handle life transitions. 


Maya specializes in positive parenting strategies that aim to improve parent-child relationships, create effective routines and promote social and emotional development. Topics for parent consultation work include but are not limited to: handling tantrums, separation anxiety, fears, sibling conflict, family transitions such as moving, loss, divorce, starting school, and preparing for and adjusting to a new sibling.



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Parent Consultation Sessions

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Little Siblings, Big Feelings Is Now Available!

"Being a big sibling can be hard, especially when babies need alot of help and attention."

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